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Andreas Coucounis & Co was founded in 1970 by Mr Andreas Coucounis, its managing partner, and has ever since experienced constant development in its size and in the quality of service it aspires to provide its clients. Its long existence and recognised success allow it to claim one of the leading positions in the legal profession in Larnaca, Cyprus. Throughout the years, it has remained faithful to and has abided by its founding principles of reliability, efficiency, quality of work, quick service and client satisfaction. Our practice has evolved according to the transformation of the Cypriot economy. Its rapid development during the past twenty years has allowed legal work to progress from resolving small property disputes to dealing with major shipping contracts, the registration and administration of companies with international activities, and mergers. Our firm has acquired a solid position in the formation of such international companies taking advantage of the double taxation treaties signed with 27 countries. Our clients range from local private individuals and companies to foreign companies that conduct their business in Cyprus. We take careful notice of informing our clients about every development in their cases or business affairs because we believe that it is only through this method that we can gain their trust. We are at present in a position to represent clients all over Cyprus. In terms of international links, we have our own representatives in Athens, London and Brussels and we are in the process of entering into association agreements with firms in the above cities as well as in Luxembourg. Our growing client portfolio in Europe cannot but have encouraged this development. The challenge of Cyprus’s entry into the European Union will open new horizons. Our new European Union law department has been created to respond to this new challenge, offering information and services to government departments, local and foreign companies and private individuals. In our attempt to contribute to the awareness of legal problems and legal developments we have for a long time published articles in local newspapers and written books on specific areas of legal interest. Our participation in international conferences helps us stay in touch with international legal developments. Our proficiency in English, French, German and Italian indicate without any doubt the European orientation our law firm has adopted. You, the prospective visitor of this website, are encouraged to give us your comments. We promise you a quick response so that we can live up to the high expectations we have set ourselves.



Archbishop Makarios III Avenue 9 , Lazaros Centre , Floor: 1, Flat/Office: 101-102 , Larnaca 6017 , Cyprus
P.O. Box: 40519
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